Real estate consultation

Value Engineering

Let our experts work with you to get your construction costs in line with current market demands.  We can evaluate your design and identify areas that are creating cost over runs that will not be reflected in the projects final value. 

Site Selection

Does you project require a specific market demographic?  Our experts can help to find that proper location for your project, at that price level that makes sense.

Demand / Supply analysis

Timing for development can make or break a deal.  Knowing when to expand or when to hold is vital for some projects.  Our market studies can help you determine the optimal time to begin or expand your project.

These are just a few of our services.

We offer a wide range of real estate consulting services.  If you have a project and need a consultant that is focused on your bottom line, contact us.  Our experts are willing to talk with you about your project and see how we can meet your needs.

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