Depending on the intended use and users of report, there are a variety of options a client can choose. 

Level 1 Evaluation-Restricted Appraisal Report

Exterior only inspection and description, brief statements of required content, value conclusion.

  • ¬†Typically 3-7 pages in length.

Level 2 Evaluation-Restricted Appraisal Report

Interior and exterior inspection and physical description, brief statements of required content, most relevant approach to value expanded showing comparable data, value conclusion.

  • ¬†Typically 7-15 pages in length.

Level 3 Evaluation-Appraisal Report

Interior and exterior inspection, typical appraisal report content and conclusions.

  • Typically 75-125 pages.

Updates of previous appraisals conducted within the past three years are discounted if no major changes have occurred to the improvements or the market area. These appraisals require an inspection, have a new effective date, and are considered new assignments in compliance with USPAP.

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